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The International Network for Energy Healing (INEH) Courses are available worldwide to medical and non-medical practitioners who seek a deeper understanding of the human being, in health and disease. During the courses, techniques are taught and practiced which form the basis for a Science of Healing in the Energy Field. Emphasis is on training the higher intuition, as it is linked to the conscious mind. Participants learn to work with etheric energies from Soul level by balancing and healing the energy centers or chakras, ultimately calling the life of the soul into conscious activity in a person’s life.

The first law of Esoteric Healing states: “All disease is a result of inhibited soul life.” The training complements and reinforces all western and eastern medical treatment systems because it addresses the root cause from soul level into the whole spectrum of personality.

Course Highlights:

  • In depth study of the etheric body and Chakra system.
  • Working with the formula, which connects the soul of the healer with the soul of the individual.
  • Understanding the ten laws and the six rules of Esoteric Healing.
  • Practical techniques for balancing the chakras and restoring the energy triangles between major and minor chakras.
  • The energetic causes for disease.
  • Teaching on meditation and the building of the antahkarana.
  • The Seven Rays and their conditioning effect on health and disease.
  • Overview of Esoteric Astrology in relation to health and disease.
  • Overview of cosmology as per the teachings of Djwhal Khul and Alice Bailey.
  • The Science of Dying.

Course Objectives:

  • Invoking the soul as the healer within the form to infuse every part of the personality and discovering what in each person prevents the healing process.
  • Exploring techniques for the transmission of energy to all parts of the personality--physical and etheric, emotional and mental.
  • Self-awareness and self-healing.
  • Understanding the subjective causes of dis-ease.
  • Understanding the seven principles and vehicles for consciousness and the related chakras.
  • Learning about the function and purpose of energy triangles.
  • Learning the value of group consciousness.
  • The uses of energy healing in everyday life.
  • How to apply energy healing as a complementary health technique within your clinical situation, be it in surgery, the consulting room, the hospital ward, or at home.

Course Details:

The INEH Energy Healing Course work is presented in four parts, each requiring a seminar intensive of four to five days. Sessions are balanced with talks (lectures), discussion, practical instruction and group meditation. Throughout the course, our emphasis will be on training the higher intuition as it is linked to the conscious mind. Successful completion of all four parts will total 120 -125 hours of coursework and applications. The syllabus is based on the original courses taught by Brenda Johnson, founder of the Network. The main texts are: Esoteric Healing by Alice Bailey, Practical Guide to Esoteric Healing by Alan Hopking, and New Age Healing, by Brenda Johnston.

International Network for Energy Healing

The INEH is a global group of servers concerned with preventative medicine and the achievement of holistic health--physical, psychological, and spiritual. The science of Energy Healing began in 1965 in England and since 1973 Brenda Johnston has been teaching the principles and techniques through public lectures and courses.

The Network, which was founded in 1982 by Brenda Johnston, presents courses in over 20 countries worldwide, which are based on the principles of health and healing as transmitted by Djwhal Khul through the books of Alice A. Bailey. All INEH instructors have had a minimum of three years of practical experience followed by two to three years in a teacher-training program. The training complements and reinforces all other western and eastern medical treatment systems, both orthodox and complementary.


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